The utilities and scripts below are provided free of charge, though if you use them in your work or sample library development, please consider making a donation.

KSP Utilities


MIDI2KSP screenshot

MIDI2KSP is a utility for translating MIDI file data into code that can be interpreted by the Kontakt Script Processor (KSP). It will translate and send notes, controller data, program chage, aftertouch, and pitch wheel information. The code output csn sync with Kontakt/host tempo or follow the original MIDI file's speed. Callbacks over several minutes long will remain in sync, and the code output is limited by the number of lines KSP can handle (around 4900). For support scripts where an instrument needs to play back a music sample of the loaded instrument or a sequence of notes/controller data that would be a pain to code by hand, this utility is a real timesaver!

Currently Windows only.

Download program (1.2MB)

Kontakt Scripts

Robin Rocket v1.13

Robin Rocket Screenshot

Robin Rocket is a Kontakt 2.2 script designed to increase variety and humanism in passages where a single note is repeated several times. This script is useful to eliminate the machine gun effect that is caused by several relatively distinct round-robin samples cycling. The script takes advantage of nearby round robin samples to increase note variety and randomness. In chromatically sampled libraries the advantage is readily heard. The script features five methods of round robin enhancement and the number of round robin articulations per note, as well as the range of notes used can be user-controlled to accomodate a healthy share of libraries. Robin Rocket also includes midi-cc adjustable random pitch variance and script bypass controls.

Note: The script may experience slight glitches where release triggered events are controlled by a script preceding Robin Rocket in the chain. It is recommended that Robin Rocket is the first performance script processed by KSP.

Examples of the script in action (passages are played twice, first without the script, then with it):

Example 1 (String Quartet)

Example 2 (Brass Chorale)

Example 3 (Exposed Passages 1, worst-case scenarios)

Example 4 (Exposed Passages 2, worst-case scenarios)

Download script and manual ( file)

QuickSwitch v1.1

QuickSwitch Screenshot

QuickSwitch is a fast way to use multiple instruments on one midi channel if you don't wish to spend the time editing them to respond to keyswitches. Using any assignable midi controller, you can jump between instruments. The included Menu Wizard can be used in conjunction with the source code and Nils Liberg's script editor to customize the pulldown naming menus.

Download script, manual, source code, and menu wizard (249Kb .zip file)

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